Monday, September 20, 2010

Glad to be home from work!!!!!

Hello everyone! Well, I just got home from work not to long ago, and I am so happy to be here : )! It was kind of a long day but, surpringly I wasn't tired when I got home. I was in the mood to finish up some of my assignments and then I noticed that my internet was down so I panicked. I unplugged everything ( or so I thought) and plugged it back in and still nothing! Finally, I called the cable company and explained to them what was happening and the customer service rep said to me that "there are outages in the area and, that no one will be able to come out until thursday", which would have not done me any good seeing as how everything is due tommorow. So after awhile of playing games downloaded to my computer and talking to my sister, she told me to check my connections which, I thought I did throughly and to my surprise it started working again. So I did accomplish some of my goals and finished a couple of assignments so that I will not have to cram everything in tommorow and I must say, I am so happy I was able to do so!!! So Thank You big sis!!

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  1. Siobhan - in this kind of situation, my husband always says -- Is there gas in the car? He thinks this is hilarious.